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Find top kitchen décor trend in 2020

You love your kitchen very well and love spending most of the time there experimenting with cooking new dishes. In fact,Guest Posting it becomes more thrilling to spend more than a day in the kitchen if it speaks lots about its beauty and stylishness. You can also have a well-decorated kitchen and for that, you simply have to follow the décor ideas that experienced Modular kitchen interior designers in Mumbai suggest to all housewives.

You know the kitchen is the important place of your home where you as a housewife spend most of the time and decorating it perfectly and using all essential items that could be useful will allow you to work quickly and with no troubles. You want to arrange all utensils systematically so those become readily available to you. And if the kitchen is in the desired size, you can manage all things very well.

You can design the kitchen considering traditional and modern approach. You may provide ranges of wall design, furniture options, and so on. And all these kitchen décor ideas will make your kitchen look lively. So stay here and see how you can decorate your kitchen magnificently.

Newest kitchen décor ideas for you-

Here are simple and modern kitchen interior décor ideas by the very best Modular kitchen interior designers in Mumbai. You can select the best ideal for you from the list.

1- Wall-mounted kitchen décor-

This sort of kitchen décor idea has wall mounted stand to hang spoons. The wall has shining tiles and the furniture has bright colored sunmica. There’s a sink in the center of the kitchen with a long water tap. This kitchen has a large platform area.

2- Small kitchen decoration-

The small kitchen can be decorated very well by installing full kitchen furniture. The cabinets are developed onto the kitchen upside. Excellent furnishing is done and is having an inbuilt stove and oven. And if you have a small-sized kitchen you may have this one to manage storing all items conveniently.

3- Cool kitchen décor-

Cool kitchen décor idea is also one that can be considered and is done stylishly. It has a big sized fridge and is a spacious kitchen. A bar-like space is created and there are glasses hanged. Fruit trays are placed and gorgeous revolving chairs are too added therein. And this kind of kitchen decor looks amazingly cool.

4- Modern kitchen décor-

Modern kitchen décor looks excellent when considered light green shade and that looks bright. This sort of kitchen is very well garnished with well-furnished furniture, chimney, wall tiles, and a circular-shaped dining table. And over the dining table, the fashionable bulb is too hanged that looks quite pretty.

5- Kitchen wall design-

In order to add greater stylishness into the kitchen interior décor, having a beautiful kitchen wall with plates affixed will work. It looks amazing with the furniture of dark brown shade. The utensils are placed over the kitchen platform that reflects the bulb light. The drawers don’t have a handle that seems to be like a vintage style.

6- Traditional kitchen décor idea-

Mostly this kind of kitchen interior décor is seen in cottages. The kitchen’s roof is like a hut and mostly the wood is used while constructing this sort of kitchen. The cute dining table is between along with stools. Wooden flooring is too there and cool lamps are hanged just over the dining table.

7- Laminated style kitchen décor-

Having laminated style kitchen décor seems to be charming with overall cabinets. In middle, there’s a stand where the big-sized plant is placed into the glass vase. However, on either side of the basin stylish plants are too placed to add more stylishness into the kitchen. And into the glass cabinet lighting is affixed. Also, the drawers and doors are developed considering ancient design.

8- Simple causal décor idea-

It’s a simple and sober kitchen décor idea. Only one wall is has a kitchen platform adjoined by a refrigerator. The small-sized bulbs are affixed that throws lights onto the furniture. A stand is built next to the chimney to place the oven. And it’s the ordinary style of the kitchen.


The kitchen is the heart of every home and if you aim at making it a unique place you may surely consider all the above-described kitchen décor ideas that are recommended by Modular kitchen interior designers in Mumbai.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and if you aim at making it a unique place you may surely consider all the above-described kitchen décor ideas that are recommended by Modular kitchen interior designers in Mumbai.


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